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About Flight Solutions

Flight Solutions offers the possibility of having access to a fleet able to satisfy any need and always ready to reach any destination.

Safety, competence, reliability, comfort and innovation: this is what we stand for and what we do best.

Our Mission

Redefining The Way

Of Fly

Each client is unique to us, each trip requires careful planning.

Our mission has always been to offer our customers a highly personalized experience on board our private jets.

Our team takes care of every aspect of the flight, in order to provide a premium, always extraordinary and personalized service.

Over the years we received and repaid the trust of many customers, demanding and yearning to rely on a capable and professional partner for the management of their movements, with a common goal: the maximum optimization of times and costs, with a high level of safety, quality and comfort.


The Numbers Of Flight Solutions

+ 3.500


+ 200




+ 10.000


Why Flight Solutions?

"I have always been treated by this sector.
I created this company in order to be able to offer my customers a non-parallel service."  

Antonio De Luca , Founder And Chairman

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