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Sustainability is a very important topic for us.

Over the years, private aviation has taken very important steps to protect the environment and us too.

Responsibility towards the environment and future generations is a topic that is close to our hearts, which is why Flight Solutions is committed every day to reducing its environmental impact by operating intelligently.

How does Flight Solutions help the environment?

  • The headquarter is located in a new and avant-garde structure, super ecological and with a very low environmental impact

  • We rely on green FBOs who invest in technologies like us in order to avoid a greater environmental impact

  • We try to fill empty flights in order to avoid unnecessary travel.

  • Whenever possible, our aircraft are refueled with SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) that is a fuel produced from sustainable feedstocks which guarantees an environmental impact of about 80% less than ordinary fuel (Jet A1)


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